Moving to a new host

Hello all!

Thank you for following Considered Days. I started this blog four years ago, shortly after the birth of my first child and the election of Donald Trump. I looked back at my first post yesterday, and the way I described the impetus for sharing my writing (and my discomfort in doing so) both still resonate strongly with me today.

I am moving Considered Days to Substack. I’ve been impressed with the way Substack honors the work of writers. All the old posts have been transferred (along with accompanying images) and all future posts will now be made on Substack. The address is You will see a subscription invitation at the top of the site, and subscribers will receive each new post delivered directly to their inboxes. And please share your own thoughts in the comments section under posts, whenever compelled to do so! I love hearing from you and would very much like the comments to be a place to connect together.

Thank you for considering with me. I hope you’ll jump with me to the new platform. These days are rich with subject for reflection and slim on time to do so, but I continue to find writing to be a space where I settle into deeper meaning. When I’m writing more often, I notice my experience of the world shifting, filtered through sharper attention and, yes, consideration.

Be well!

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